Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Kusut doe kepala aku ngn problem je! Today such a bad day for me when people try to mess with me! Such a LOSER!!! 1st i get trouble with this boy yg agak menyakitkan hati bile die tersangat laa over and now die try nak jelous kan aku daaa like i care with youu idiots! Youu just like a friends for me so be like a friends, me forr you like yourr oldest sister not youur girlfriends even though youu deny it. So sedar diri sikit! And second i cannot believe what i hear, Youu are my bestfriends but what you do behind my back is so definitly wrongs. i trust youu but all youu do to me is let me down, what kind of friends u are? i accept yourr apologize but i cannot trust youu anymore. Done!

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