Wednesday, December 23, 2009

After my worst birthday ever, i things i was wrong. My birthday is superb,even though stress because trpakse ubah2 planning utk party tu and tk rmi yg dtg but i have so much fun :). Thanks kawan kawan && big thanks to syaa and zaa.And thanks zaa sebab bagi pinjam rumah xP u guys rock! Hehehe. So i got best present ever from my parents, i got my own laptop!! Mayb to u not so important tp for me it was present yg tersangat dihargai dan sungguh berharga :) Before that gaduh ngn parents, 2 days i dnt speak with my parents hehehe Jahat gilee! Thankss mummy for the cake so delicious
p/s: Another 2 weekss left until i become Politek student at Sabak Bernam. This January112010 will be my big day! So excited x)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Worst birthday ever! =((

Its like 10 days more until my birthday, but i dont feel like i want to celebrate my birthday. Arrgghh terlalu byk cabaran doe! Sedih! It was my 1st time plan my own birthday party tp semua tk mnjadi, act tk sure lg tp so farr smua i plan tk boleh buat. Then invite kawan2 lain pun smua tk nak dtg, =(( Before this i was excited but now i dont feel in the same way anymore. Mayb this is the 1st and the last i plan my own birthday party, ya sure! So sadd ='( Hate my life!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Herm 11 days left until my birthday. Its a long time waiting, so excited! Walaupun tk pernah ade yg buat surprise party for me, but its ok as long ade yang remember my birthday, i feel happy. =)) Tapi teringin jgak laa ade yg buat surprise party but nak buat cm mane masing2 busy buat hal sendiri herm. Btw nxt month dah start pergi sambung blaja kat Politeknik, excited jgak tu dan ketakutan! hahaha I hope bleh laa tahan kat sane ek amin. Like people say can fit with my soul! ade ke org ckp cmtu? Wierd! hahaha. Daaarrrr