Wednesday, December 23, 2009

After my worst birthday ever, i things i was wrong. My birthday is superb,even though stress because trpakse ubah2 planning utk party tu and tk rmi yg dtg but i have so much fun :). Thanks kawan kawan && big thanks to syaa and zaa.And thanks zaa sebab bagi pinjam rumah xP u guys rock! Hehehe. So i got best present ever from my parents, i got my own laptop!! Mayb to u not so important tp for me it was present yg tersangat dihargai dan sungguh berharga :) Before that gaduh ngn parents, 2 days i dnt speak with my parents hehehe Jahat gilee! Thankss mummy for the cake so delicious
p/s: Another 2 weekss left until i become Politek student at Sabak Bernam. This January112010 will be my big day! So excited x)

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